dxcalc help

dxcalc accurately calculates the outcome of a battle for the online browser game Evony.

The basic idea is to fill in the attack and defense armies and other known information and hit the submit button. The submit button changes it's name but it's near the middle, underneath the Technology table.

It is very helpful to know the exact value of all parameters for both attacker and defender. Sometimes you can get away with estimating some values, but it is useful to test high and low estimates to get a feel for how important an unknown parameter might be.


My Armies Pulldown Menu

There are 4 things you can do with this menu: 1) Select a saved army. 2) Save the current army. 3) Reorder your saved armies. 4) Remove a saved army.
  1. If you have already saved armies simply select the army you want and it will fill the form with that army.
  2. To save the current form values (army) select [save army]. A popup will appear. Give the army a name and click OK. The army will be saved for later use.
  3. To change the order in which your armies are listed select [reorder]. In the popup a left mouse click will move the army down and a right click will move it up. Click "Save order" when done.
  4. To remove an army select [remove]. In the popup select the armies to remove and click "Remove".
If a form field is blank when the army is saved, that field will not be overwritten when the army is selected later. For example, if the current form has 90k attack archers and you saved an army with the attack archer field blank then there will still be 90k archers in that field when you load the army. To ensure that a field value is set to zero when using a saved army you should save the army with the value of the field having the number zero (0) in it. Doing this will overwrite any previous value that may be in the form with the value of zero. See below for more information and examples on this.

Post by Dxter's Evony Battle Calculator (dxcalc).
Post by Dxter's Evony Battle Calculator (dxcalc).

Troop string button

Get current troops in a string like wo:400,w:400,p:200,SS:300,a:97700,c:500,cata:500

Load attack string button

Use a troop string to load the attackers.

Load defense string button

Use a troop string to load the defenders.

Load report button

Load an Evony battle or scout report. Also works with an evonyurl report.

Update defense button

Show what is left on defense after an attack. If "Heal troops" is checked it will take into account the defensive heal rate and penicillin. Note that the heal rate depends on the relative honor of attacker and defender. See Honor dropping in detail for information about how relative honor affects heal rate.

NPC checkbox

Check this to regenerate fortifications correctly for NPCs and HCs when "Update Defense" is clicked. Note, for troops, the regeneration rate is Max * 1/3600 per second and this must be adjusted manually.

How does Excalibur affect hero attack for battles?

  • Age1 - 25 points should be added to the attack instead of the 25% that the feasting hall will tell you. So instead of adding the value in parenthesis add 25.
  • Age2 - With excal the feasting hall will show: attack + bonus. This bonus is equal to the (attack * 0.25) but this is not what you want to use in dxcalc. Instead replace bonus with

    new_bonus = heroes_base_attack * 0.25

    The value to use in dxcalc is attack + new_bonus.

  • What is the trap rate?

    The number of traps that trigger each round is randomly chosen by the Evony server at the beginning of each battle, so we don't know exactly what it will be for a particular battle. The rate option allows you to try some different trap rates. Setting this value in the calculator is like pretending that the server will actually use that value for the real battle.

    The main reason to have it as an option is so you can try different values to see if it affects the results of a battle. In many cases it will not change the results much. But in some cases, especially when attacking layers are thin and there are a lot of traps, a different value could have a large impact on the results. If you do see a large effect when changing the trap rate you should realize that the result of the battle is uncertain and relying on one outcome or another is a risk.

    Note that the actual trap rate is typically between 4.0 and 9.0.

    What is the trap, rolling log and trebuchet power (pow)?

    Like the trap rate, the kill power of these fortifications vary from battle to battle. The "pow" pull down allows you to specify this power. If there are a lot of these fortifications it is worth checking higher and lower values of "pow" to see how it might affect the outcome. For example, the variability in NPC 10 hits is mostly due to random differences in trap power.

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