Any in game decisions you may make as a result of using this help tool are your own responsibility. Good luck.

This is a tool to estimate the outcome of a battle in the game Call of War. Currently the calc estimates the average expected outcome over many battles. In-game the exact same battle run twice will have different outcomes due to built in randomness. This randomness is not predictable, so here we estimate what the average expected outcome should be. In most cases this estimate should be reasonably close to the majority of in-game battles, but there are in-game cases where the random values are, by chance, extreme and can produce unexpected outcomes. If you see a large difference between the in-game result and the calc it is possible that it is due to such an extreme in-game battle. However, it is more likely that accurate input values were not given to the calc, or that something was missed in the interpretation of the in-game battle. That being said, if you notice something in the calc that seems off feel free to let me know and I'll look into it.

To use this tool, input the troop levels, counts, and condition for each army and fill in other relevant data. Leaving something out or misspecifying something can often result in large differences from the game result. To run the battle click one of the "To Battle" buttons. For more information see the help page.